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Mic Bergsma



Mic Bergsma is the perfect example of what an influencer represents. He’s a pro wakeboarder, videographer, a GoPro family member, and a talented and successful Youtuber. He currently maintains over 450k Youtube subscribers and an impressive +60k Instagram followers.

Mic recently moved from Texas to Hawaii, so it seemed like the right time for a new identity. He requested a main logo to use on stickers, banners and profile images across social media. I came up with this fun caricature of Mic in Maui, donning his trademark straw hat and sunglasses. So far, the new identity has been well received by Mic’s audience!



GoPro Tips: Intro

If you do a search for “GoPro Tips,” you will find Mic’s videos at the top of the list on Youtube. He’s come up with (literally) hundreds of his own techniques and tricks on ways to use this handy little action cam. We needed a quick/effective intro that would show the title, camera and the tip number within a few seconds.


T-Shirt Design


Mic needed a shirt to wear on his Youtube videos and social media channels. These shirts are sold on his online shop and given away as prizes to his subscribers and followers.

Front Shirt Design
Mic and Lori Bergsma picking up the printed goods
Mic modeling the shirt in his backyard-with-a-view